Monday, September 29, 2014

Hi Y'alll

So I just sent my letter to president and only have a few minutes to finish with this letter.
So the schedule here in my mission is that we start at 7:30 am and go to bed at 11:30.  we do this because people are more active at night than they are during they day because stuff starts shutting down at like 2-4 pm for lunch.  We do our planning on a monthly basis and not in the transfer week mode.  We still move every 6 weeks, but we plan our goals to be in a month.  Our goal as a mission is 650 baptisms a year and 60 a month.  We have a few people in our area who are really close.  We could have as many as 8 people with elder westfalla and I for these next two months.  It has been a fun week, but a hard week too because Ï really want to speak and help out in the lessons but I can´t because i don´t know what is being said.  It´s frustrating sometimes, but I try my best with what i have.  Today we are cleaning our apartment like it´s nobodies business because we have some bugs in our cabinets and i had to throw away some food because they got into it.  Boy, these elders need to know how to clean.  Well, I need to go and hope you all have a great week wherever you are.
ps:  The picture is of the bishop's son who left to argentina with the hermanas in the city.

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