Friday, September 26, 2014

Hello Family !!!!! (from September 21, 2014)

So this week has been super crazy because I have no idea what I´m doing and I don´t even know what to say to investigators.  This spanish culture is strange and the streets here are super gross.  pets just go whereever and on every street corner.  It ALWAYS smells like cigarette smoke, and I hate the smell of smoke.  But what can you do?

So we had district meeting on thursday and i got to meet with the other missionaries in my district.  There are ten of us and two of us are new from the mtc.  Our district is the Valencia District and in our city it´s a ward of about 100+ members.  Last night we had a missionary leave from the ward.  Anyway, after the meeting we had pizza at dominos and boy that was super good. I broke my soda fast this week when i just had the desire to have sprite and bought a bottle at the store here.  I remember why i stopped drinking soda; it´s so good and i can´t stop.  our apartment is nice and kind of new, but we have really bad lighting there.  i hate it because it gives me a headache just trying to read.  I´ve been super busy that I haven´t had time to unpack.  We do have a washer though.  

On friday we had weekly planning and that was super long because we had to go extra long because i don´t know really anything.  We finally got out of the piso (apartment) and did some member visiting and met with an investigator named Amilio.  It´s hard to teach when i can speak very little and i can´t even understand what these people are saying because they speak super fast.  I have to focus super hard to pick up a word or two.

on saturday we went to the church to play sports.  By the way, our church is built like the ones in the US, but like cut in half.  It´s super new, like 2 weeks new.  It even made the paper here. so yeah, we played sports there and had cake because it was someone´s birthday.  we helped wash one of the member’s car at a gas station.

on sunday we went to 10am church and had priesthood class first followed by sunday school, and finally sacrament meeting. A nonmember came in after church and asked for a blessing and so the bishop did that.  We went to the Rojas’ house for lunch and had spaghetti and salad.  we taught about the book of mormon to this french guy who was living with the members.  My companion taught and i just bore my testimony.  We did teach a man named Pedro who is this catholic old man who just walked in the church that night and wanted to pray in the chapel.  We were able to teach him the 1st lesson, which was cool because he was super receptive to the spirit.

So that´s been my week.  oh yeah, on thursdays, we teach an english class and it would be nice if you guys could send me some grammar stuff in my emails.

I love you all so much and wish you guys a super week.  i´ll write you again on monday.  Sorry but no pictures this week because these computers do not have a memory card holder thing so i´ll have to buy one and use it next week.  right now it´s raining and i´m loving it.

Elder Gonzalez


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