Monday, September 15, 2014

Hi Everyone

From September 15, 2014

Hi everyone!!  I only have a few minutes to write because today is a pretty busy day and wish I could slow things down, but I can´t.  I packed a little on thursday and it made things easier for today.  So yeah our train leaves at 4 am tomorrow and so we´ll get a little sleep.  I can´t wait to meet my president tomorrow and start my mission.

so last week we stayed at the mtc for pday and just played soccer for like 2 hours and did some packing and took naps (except me because I wanted to study) and listen to a talk from holland from may.  He blows your brains out with his voice.  On friday we said goodbye to one of our teachers, Hermano Lopèz, and just had our last real day in the MTC.  On saturday I had a fun time at the park with my companion Elder Johnson.  We met a lot of people and did lots of talking.  It got me excited to leave for the field.  On sunday we had a great lesson from president Lovell and that night we had a talk from president and sister Jackson from the Madrid spain mission.  They were here because they were doing interviews for the madrid missionaries.  Today has been orientation on "how to stuff..."

Well, I´ve got to go and wish you the best of luck.  I will write to you on monday I think.  I´ll send you my address soon.

Love Elder Gonzalez.


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