Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tuesday's the Day!! (from September 11, 2014)

So on tuesday I leave by train at 4 in the morning to Barcelona!!!!!!  I can´t wait to go.  I love it here, but can´t wait to get out and go preach the word of God to all the world.  That means I have to pack (dang, that means washing and folding my clothes, and mom´s not here).  So that´s cool.  On monday, we´ll email that day, so look for that.
So last thursday I went to a museum and looked at some spanish art, mostly naked people and paintings of christ, mary and stuff like that.  Sadly, I couldn´t take pictures, but I did see that painting of "les niños" or something like that.  We watched a re-run talk of Elder Ballard from june, and he talked about not paying attention to the noises of the world.  So that was cool.
At the park this week, I talked to only 4 people and this one guy for an hour and a half.  It was great because he spoke in spanish and I just listened because I had no idea what he was saying.  He was smoking a cigarette when we were talking to him.  He didn´t accept anything we gave him, but we planted a seed.
Sunday we had a nice fast and testimony meeting.  The 60 of us were in a small room about the size of the the young women's room.  That´s our sacrament room.  we watched another video, a good video.  Also, it was my companion´s and mtc president´s birthday.  Also, shout out to sam, happy  birthday!!!
On monday we listened to a small devotional with president hinckley´s son which was super cool!  It was also the temple president's 50th anniversery. 
yesterday an assistant to pres pace came down from barcelona and talked to us for a few minutes to get us excited to go and serve. 
These past few weeks have been blending into one long dream.  I just need to get out and start teaching.  I love you all and pray for you guys every day and can´t wait to see you all when i get home. 

Elder gonzalez.

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