Thursday, September 4, 2014

1-1/2 Weeks Left (September 4, 2014)

Sorry if this letter is short, but I had to wait for 15 minutes for my computer to stop typing double letters.  Also my computer didn´t even turn on so I had to use a different computer, plus this computer is running slow.  What a morning.

So I went to the temple this morning which was a lot of fun.  But it´s hard to pay attention when you’re half asleep.

I loving the MTC, but I really want to leave and be out in the field.  We do 2 lessons a day and we go to the park every saturday and talk with real people and have real conversations, but there is so much I need to learn.

There hasn`t been a whole lot going on here in the MTC life, but I´ll do my best.  Last saturday we went to the park and my new companion was Elder Brog.  We talked with only 4 people.  On the metro to the park we talked to this Philippine lady who spoke English, got to the park and talked to another Philippine lady for 1-1/2 hours.  She was a blast to talk to because she was so receptive to the spirit, and she spoke English so that was fun.  On the ride back we met a man on the metro who was a member and was going to the temple. So yeah that´s the park.

On sunday we had a great day.  We had sacrament, a devotional with president lovell (who is such a nice guy.  I love being here at THis mtc because we see all of the missionaries and know most of them by name.  We get to talk to our president every day.  I love it here.)  And at night we had a guest speaker.  Actually it was speakers.  It was a family who became members years ago and raised a wonderful family.  It´s nice to see that what we do out here truly makes a difference.

THis week has been same old classroom work and studying.  One cool thing this week was that the native Russian speakers left after being here for two weeks and 6 new native Italian speakers came in.  this makes me want to go!!!!

So yeah, nothing much happened this week.  Oh, by the way don´t send me any more letters by snail mail because I´ll be gone by the time they get here.  Also dad, your dear elder doesn´t work here very well because they mail it from Provo and it took a week to get here.  Also, mom the picture on the card was a picture of the round-about where the city of Madrid celebrates when Real Madrid wins.  Sorry for no pictures this week because when the pictures load, it really slows down the computers and I start typing double.

I love you all and pray for you guys every day.  Sorry, but I need to go.  Today I´m going to a museum for p-day!  I´ll send some pics next week.

Love Elder Gonzalez

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