Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thursday, August 28, 2014 (We Get 45 Minutes!!!)

Round-a-bout where the Spaniards celebrate when Real Madrid wins

So we made a deal with President Lovell.  On Thursdays we have p-days and we get to go to the temple in the morning.  (please excuse my misspelling because of our lack of time to type.)  And if we go to the 7am session, we can have 45 minutes to type and read emails.  But I like handwritten letters better because I can have more time to read them and can hold on to them for later.

So the temple was great this morning.  I love having that spirt with me all day.  The session holds only like 40 people, so It´s really small. 

Last Thursday we went downtown and did some sightseeing.  I took a bunch of pictures, but these computers suck because they are really slow and they are all using the same wifi thing so that makes it even worse, so I can´t send you guys a lot of pictures.  Are you getting my pictures?  So it was a good Thursday.  And every Thursday night we get to watch a recording of a devotional because we´re 8 hours ahead of you guys and the people in Provo are just having lunch.  Last week’s talk was from Holland in 2011 on "feed my sheep".  It was really good.

So every day we teach an investigator twice a day mon-sat.  It´s a great experience to practice the little Spanish I have, but It´s all good.  I love teaching though.  I get words and promptings inside my heart and I just say them out loud.  Sadly I can´t say everything because of the language barrier, but I try my best with what I have.  I love bearing my testimony in the lessons.

So last Saturday was the best day ever!!!!  (in case you didn´t know on Saturdays we take the subway and we travel to this huge park.  It´s like the size of one of our street bocks, 1mile x1mile or something like that.  And we just go and teach people for an hour and a half.  Then at 11am we sing then go back to the MTC.)  So me and my other companion, Elder Johnson (we go on splits/exchanges on Saturdays) get to the subway and we start teaching this lady who happens to be a missionary from some other church.  She gave us a pamphlet and we gave her one, and she gave us a passalong card and we gave her one.  We would have given her a Book, but she already had one.  She got off the train and we started to talk with another guy and we lost track of the time and got stuck on the train, had to get off and get back on another train.  Once we got to the gates of the park, this Catholic lady started chastising us because of something, but I couldn´t really understand her because she spoke really fast Spanish.  So that was fun and we had good success at the park by talking to lots of people for longer than 15 seconds.   My favorite part was when we just finish talking to this atheist guy and we walked over to this Indian family and it was SUPER awesome to talk to someone in English.  So we gave them a pamphlet and talked to them for like 30 minutes, which was great because I could speak everything that came to my mind by the Holy Ghost.  This guy was very interested in religion because he was trying to study why the world has so many different religions.  This family was Muslim I think.  They were really receptive to the spirit and our message and hope they meet other missionaries and get baptized and enjoy the gospel in their lives.  They move around a lot, so I´ll never know what happens to them.

So I have a few minutes left.  I had a mini meltdown on Tuesday because of all of the stress of the mission I had bottled up.  However, I had a good companion who helped me get back on my feet.  I love this mission and the gospel.  I hope you all have a great week and have a great day.

Love elder Gonzalez

ps open your guys emails accounts so you can read my emails during breakfast.

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