Thursday, August 21, 2014

30 minutes is not enough time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (August 21, 2014)

So i really have like 20 minutes to tell you that my week has been crazy fun and crazy spiritual.
Last thursday our district and another district went to the REAL MADRID stadium and it was sooooooo cool and really big.  IT holds like 80,000 peole.  I told my companion what it would be like to have general comfrance.  I loved it.
I had some big bumps in the road with my companion these past couple weeks.  We were able to work them out.  I had a hard time just getting used to having a companion with you at all times.  I really love elder Johnson and can´t wait to work with him the rest of this MTC experince.  (sorry about my spelling, but I have only a few more minutes to write everything)
I really love all of your email, but I can´t read them all and I can´t print any of them off. 
Happy birthaday to Vic and Tony!!! sorry I can´t be there, but I love you guys with all of my heart.
We don´t have live CES devotionals, but we watch re-runs here in spain.  it´s such a great experience to watch/listen to these apostles teach and testify of Christ. I loved Elder Callister's talk he gave in March or may where he talked about the blueprint of the Restoration/how the church runs. 
We had tough investigators these last 2 weeks and now we get new ones this week.  The language barrier is bugging me so bad because I want to bear my testimony and not little snip-bits of them.  I love teaching though.  I really love this gospel and this mission experience.
The temple was great this morning.  However, we had to wake up at 5:30 this morning to catch the 7am session.  I was half awake during it, and I felt so bad.  I love the temple though.  I wish you guys could see it.
soccer is the bomb here because we go over to this ghetto park to play on this concrete field which is just covered with garbage.  But it´s so much fun.  The teachers here are crazy good at soccer.
answer to dad´s questions:
How many of the 25 missionaries that traveled with you to Paris actually made it to Madrid?:there were like 30 and like 3 are going to paris.
How many of those missionaries are going to your mission?
Are you liking the Sunday services at the MTC?: like 12
Are you getting enough sleep at night?: yep
Had you had a chance to go running?: No
Are you taking pictures at least 3 a day?:  we can´t take pics in the MTC until our last day.
When is your departure date to Barcelona?: sept 16.
Love you all and hope you guys have a great week.
Elder Gonzalez

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