Thursday, August 14, 2014

August 14, 2014

Hi mom


Spain is so cool!!!!  I only have 30 mins to email your guys and all the other people who emailed me, so I want to be sure to tell as much as I can about my mission.  This place is great, because all of our teachers are spaniards and they speak nothing but spanish and I have to work super hard to understand what they are saying to respond back to them in spanish.  This work is so awesome because the people are great!

Today is p-day, so we get to go to the temple and after lunch we are going to the real madrid soccer stadium for a quick tour.  Every day we get to go outside the MTC and go down a block or two to play soccer which is a lot of fun because the teachers here are way good at it and sometimes we play with local people on a concrete amphitheater.  The temple is very beutiful and it´s just like downstairs from our mtc and it so nice inside(I went to it last thursday)  I love this work a lot.

My comapion is Elder Johnson from Highland UT and it took a while to get used to him because I just had a hard time getting used to be around someone 24/7.  I had a hard time just trying to like him because he was off the walls crazy, but after a few classes and some great talks by the President I was able to realize that I am out here not as myself but as a servent of the Lord and I need to stop complaining and just get to  work and have fun with whatever life throws at me.

On saturdays, we get on the subway and travel downtown and start talking to people on the train and in this really cool park.  There are so many people there and we have 2 hours to talk to people and hand out books of mormon.  This one lady from argentina got mad at me and Elder Bennit (on saturdays, we switch companions for the day) because one, she´s budhist and two she said why were we out here if we can´t speak the language (she said that to us in her small english).  Well, I wanted to say back to her that we aren´t teaching but the holy ghost is and we are just messengers from our father to spread the gospel to everyone and we are just doing our best with what we have right now, but I couldn´t because my spanish isn´t that good.

I love you all and hope you have a great week and will talk to you next week.  I´ll try to send some pictures to you guys, but I don´t know how to do that.  See ya later!!!


Elder Gonzalez

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