Monday, October 6, 2014

Hi Family

This week has been one of my favorite weeks so far on my mission.  I got to watch general conference by the use of "internet and other electronic devices.”  I´ll explain that later.

On Monday we mostly cleaned our piso and that was a hard work because we had to clean the entire kitchen because we had bugs everywhere and that was not fun.

Tuesday was fun because I went to velencia on a companion exchange and it was a nice change to have to be with a new companion meeting new people.

Wednesday Elder Alder (my district leader) and I went to an investigator’s house and taught her the plan of salvation and that was fun because her son in a week return missionary.  He was a machine and it was great to see how a finished missionary should look and act.  We also gave a blessing that night to a lady who lived on the other side of town.  It took many buses and train ride to get there.  I anointed the oil and Elder Alder gave the blessing.

Thursday we had zone conference and I got to see the missionaries from our zone and I was able to see president pace again and have a wonderful interview with him.  He is such a great guy and love him a lot.  I enjoy listening to him.  We took the train ride back and we had burger king too because we didn´t have lunch at the meeting.

Friday and saturday was mostly the same thing, but we mostly just talked to a lot of people and told them that we had conference and that they needed to come and watch.  However, on friday we went to help the sister move pisos and that was a fun night because it was 9 when we started and we had a lot of people help and it was about an hour later that we finished.  Their new apartment is so much nicer than ours.

Like I said we watched conference, but the wifi at the church is no bueno.  We had to go to a member’s home to watch conference and that was good because we used one of the laptops to watch general conference in english.  We watched the saturday morning live at 6pm and watched the recoding of the priesthood session at 11am on Sunday, had lunch then saw the recording of saturday afternoon then watched the sunday morning live.  I´ll never ever complain about conference again when i get home because it was a headache here.  We´ll just watch the sunday afternoon session later this week though.

By the end of today, I´ll have given 4 priesthood blessings on my mission.  i gave three last week and one tonight.  However, the organization here isn´t very good in castellon because the member we stayed with yesterday wants a blessing for his aunt but we have preparation day today and have things we need to get done and the members rely heavily on the missionaries to get things done.  just call your home teachers or the elders quorum president not us!!!

I love you family and hope you have a great week.

Elder Gonzalez

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