Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My First Transfer Down and a lot More to Go!!!

My first transfer down and a lot more to go!!!

We have transfers this week and that´s why I didn´t email yesterday.  I´m still here in good old castellon and loving it.  We had a wonderful week last week.  I feel my spanish is coming along.  We have a new sister in our area named hermana Solo.  We helped her with her bags this morning and said goodbye to hermana wallace.  After dropping her stuff off, we carried a bunch of books of mormon to the church because we have an open house this week for our new chapel.  It´s super nice and so we are getting things ready for that.  We´ll have the missionaries from Valencia come up and help with the tours and stuff.

We had a crazy day yesterday and you can just read the letter to president to find out what happened.

So right now I don´t have a lot of money in my card because of how much we travel in the month, but it´s fine because I´ll just send in my receipt to the mission office and get a refund.

Before I forget, please send letters to the mission home because I need to be more focused out here in the mission and sometimes the letters get a little distracting, but I love them though.

So last week was very crazy because I went on an intercombio (companion exchange) for a day and went down to Valencia on wednesday with the zone leaders.  I took the train by myself and read a lot of scriptures.  One of our zone leaders came up from valencia and stayed with Elder Westfall; I went down and stayed with Elder Hachenberger who is from Austria!   We did a lot of street contacting and met a crazy guy who was doing english classes in his house at the top of this really nice apartment.  We didn´t know that and found out that it was like a party thing instead, so we got out of there as fast as we could because we know that it was not good for us to be there.  The guy is nice, but it was not a place for missionaries to be.  We also had a lesson with this guy who is about 21, is in a wheelchair, was one of the zone leader’s investigators and was super receptive to the gospel.  We taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ, and I did a lot of it in Spanish.  My spanish is improving here and there.  The next day I then went back to Castellon and was with Elder Westfall again.

On saturday we had a problem.  Elder Westfall was sick and he slept all morning.  I did personal and companionship study by myself.  We didn´t go to deportes (sports) at the church, but we had a cool evening because we met this lady at the church who has been a less active for a long time.  We were able to teach some doctrine to her.  She is a crazy lady, but a fun one by the way.  We went to institute, which is held in our church building by the way, and gave the young single adults (JAS) a book of mormon challenge by allowing one of them to hand out a copy of the book to a friend this week.  Also, we were supposed to have a baptism that day, but our investigator was out of town for two weeks in Madrid and then Boliva, but we´ll work with her and try to get her a fecha (baptismal date) sometime in November.

On sunday my companion gave a really good talk, and we had a super good lunch at a member’s home that afternoon.  We had turkey and rice with the BEST flan I have ever had!!!

Well, I should get off soon.  I just want to let you all know that I love you and pray for you every single day.  The work progresses the most when members and missionaries are working together as one (we saw this a lot yesterday).  The book of mormon is the most correct book in the world and that we can get closer to Heavenly Father by reading and studying it every day.  I know that the church is true and that families can be together forever.  I love my family and wouldn´t want anything else in this world but them.  I love you all and hope you all have a great week.

Elder Gonzalez


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