Monday, March 30, 2015

Conference Week!!!!

I only have one "official" question for you this week: The LDS community holds hands with BSA here. What can you tell me about the scouting program in Spain?: 

Well I can answer that easily, there is no scouting program here, just soccer teams.

This week has been really good and this next week will be even better. We had a lot of visits, many were not planned visits, but nonetheless visits that have been spiritually enriching. Last night we had a visit with this family from Bolivia and we haven´t seen them since my second week here in Badalona. It was a quick, little visit and as we were walking back to the church we were talking about how we need more quick visits so we can just present the spirit and then take it with us when we leave, letting them wanting more. They are so good.

So this week is conference and I know what you are going to say "do you get to watch it live?". The answer is yes we watch saturday morning on saturday night and the rest on sunday as recorded transmissions.

The church is doing another "√Čl es la dadiva". the thing the church did during december with the christmas video. THe church is doing an easter video. I don´t know a lot about it yet, but the video is great! watch it on the front of the church´s website

What else? There was a baptism for the hermanas in the other ward on saturday.

um...I had an interview with president pace, which is my last one with him because he goes home in 3 MONTHS!!! that´s so weird. He told me a nice quote that he was told by Elder Olsson who came to the mission tour a few weeks ago. "the only thing sad, is if you’re sad". That really hit me thinking that I need to be more happy and grateful for all the little blessings I have in my life.

Well family I just want to send you this email with a little of my testimony of the commandments of God. As a missionary here in Barcelona, I have a chance to see the black and white differences of the church and the world. As the scriptures say "they set their hearts upon the things of the world." Many people here have the idea that happiness is in things. It is sad for those to be lost of the times of the "here, now" moment, but we should never brag or feel envious as members for we have to work to keep our testimony of faith burning. Many break the commandments and think that they are free, but they wind up in sin. Commandments are here to protect us and keep us safe. (good video ) Our Heavenly Father knows us and so he has sent us prophets to lead us and guide us. Let us prepare our hearts and minds to be humble and receptive to the words of President Thomas S. Monson to live happy lives this week and forever.

Family and friends I love you all and pray for health and blessings will come to you all this next week.

con amor,
Elder Gonzalez

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