Monday, March 23, 2015

Just Another Great Day in Spain!!!

more questions:
From mom:
"Europe is no longer a safe place for Jews."  Have you noticed any negativity? :Nope  it might say some stuff on the posters we pass by but I don´t see anything.

Someone just told me about a television program talking about the drought in Spain.  Is there a drought in your area?  If yes, are there water-usage restrictions? :I don´t think there is a drought in our area but it has rained the past few weeks.
before I answer anymore questions first off, mom, learn your geography.  Barcelona is east of madrid and north of malaga!   Also the guy across from me sounds like a piggon and smalls really bad on smoke, it´s creeping me out.
A few weeks ago mom sent me a few questions:
what scripture spoke to you?: Alma 48:7 we are being prepared both mind and spirit and body to fight agaist the adversary.
What made you smile this past week?:  biking in barcelona and our visit with Flor.
And what made you turn prayerfully to the Lord?:  When I feel down and my talents are not as grand as others, I pray to Heavely Father and ask him for peace and comfort to my heart.  I know he lives.
We this has been a great week.  Last week we went riding around barcelona on bikes.  It was a lot of fun.  I would send pictures but this computure doesn´t have a memory stick connector.   Sorry, but it was a lot of fun.  There were like 20+ of us missionaries from barcelona and badalona riding around on bikes in barcelona in the streets and by the beach.  by companion was on a taddom bike with another elder.
We have found a lot of miracle this past week.  We have found 11 new investigators by just contacting on the streets here.  It´s such a blessing.  When our visits fire on us we find a quiet area and say a prayer and then go finding.  The Lord always lets us find success here when we pray.  For example last night we found only Spaniads (catalans acutaly) and were able to speak with them and get some phone numbers to teach them this week.  We also had a good lesson with this family last night and taught them the restoration.  The mother had a BOM that she has had for years and answered a lot of their questions.  Afterwards we had watermelon juice =)!
Flor is this lady we met with for the first time this past week at her home and she is a golden investigator!  She just loved everything we taught her.  She came to english class this week with us and later came to a ward activity with us right before we had a lesson with her and placed a baptismal fecha on her plus she came to 2 out of 3 hours of church this week.
I´ve been doing some numbers this transfer and I have passed out 17 BOMS so far in the transfer!
We had a really good district meeting this week, we learned about revelation and watched the "paterns of light" by elder bednar.  This week we have interviews with President Pace, I´m excited because I love talking with him.
I´m feeling really good this past week.  I love praying and I love my calling as a missionary.  I love to share my testimony and feeling like a servent of the Lord.  Elder streiff and I have made a program to help members build confidence and share the gosple and seek referrals.
Well family I don´t have a lot of time left but I want to share my testimony.  I know the church is true.  I know that when we keep the commandments like the Word of wisdom and the law of chastity, we recieve blessings from the Lord.  I know God lives and he loves us and has a plan for all of us here on earth.  I know that the book of mormon is the word of God and it bless all those who read it and they can find out for themselves that Jesus is the Christ.  I love you all and pray for your safety and health.  Have a wonderful week.

Elder Gonzalez

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