Monday, March 9, 2015

Another Long Week Has Passed, But This Week...

More questions:

From dad:

Are you walking as much as you did in Castellon?: Not as much, but we have a TON of hills.  It gives my calves a good workout every day, especially when we are running home and it´s 9:55pm and we have to be home by 10pm.  Exact obedience stuff, no biggy.

Is the bus service more reliable there in your area?:  Yes, and it uses the same card we use for the metros, but we don´t use it that often because we walk mostly unless we are late.

How far are you from the mission home?:  We were just at the mission home and picked up some letters this morning because Elder Streiff had to go a doctor’s appointment and picked up my letters!  one from mom, erica, and one of my companions.  It´s small, only town small floors of an apartment building, but in the richest area of Barcelona.  A rumor has it that our mission home costs more to keep it clean plus own it than it took to build the Madrid temple....weird huh.  No but it´s like 40 minutes by metro, so not too bad.

How are your investigators progressing?:  We have these two domincan Republic investigators who accepted a baptismal fecha and the wife is really good and reads and the husband is normally gone.  The only problem is that they are not married, I think, but it´s weird because they have 6 kids.  The family a proclamation to the world.....  We had this other couple who is from Peru.  The husband is a less-active but coming back, and the wife´s a catholic but has a strong interest in the church.  She reads and prays.  We have been teaching them, but had to pass them off to the Hermanas because they live in their area, but again not married (the family a proclamation to the world......really.....just get married!!!)  We have another good part-member family.  A less-active father but not coming back as much as the other guy (he´s from ecuador) and the wife is an investigator who wants to get baptized (she´s from the dominican republic) but AGAIN NOT MARRIED (THE FAMILY A PROCLAMATION TO THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!).  But other than that we have just some flaky people who just don´t do a whole lot other than listen to us, but don´t act upon anything we teach.

Does Spain have a change of time in the spring as we do here?:  Yes, we are an hour back but will change in the spring for daylight savings.  It´s very sunny in the morning,  its´s good for basketball and running!

mom´s question:

I have a question this week:  Do you ever do FHE with investigators?:  All the time.  the members want us to have FHE with them, but it´s a little hard to arrange them but yes we have them a lot.  They are a lot of fun.  If you have some ideas that will help, please send some.  Some of the members here have a notebook that they write down all of their FHEs since the dawn of time.  It´s a great idea because they really make FHE an importance in their lives because it’s a way we show the Lord our love and obedience to his commandments to have a wholesome time to share love and the gospel within our own home.  Have FHE with another family in the ward if you can´t by yourselves.

Well those are the questions for this week.

We had a really good week this week.  We had 27 lessons.  20 or more are really good.  We find a lot of new investigators here.  Elder Streiff and I have come to a conclusion that new investigators are the fuel in the mission.  They go through the teaching machine and turn into progressing investigators or get spit out as interigators and go into the area book for other missionaries to teach, but we have quite a few good investigators right now.

We got 2 new Hermanas that are white washing (I believe it´s called "pink washing" if you’re a sister.)  because of the mini transfer because of last transfer because of tension in the last pair of sisters.  But these hermanas are the best.  The senor is 1 transfer behind me, training, a sister trainer leader, pink washing, and doesn´t speak perfectly.  Many people don´t have faith in them because of the area they are in.  They say that their area hasn´t seen really any growth since the ward split last summer, but I know that they are going to beat the odds.

Last Preparation day we went hiking in the mountains.  It was nice to wear shorts.  Today we went to hospital because Elder Streiff has some really bad acne problems.  The medicine is destroying his face, but he has a good attitude with it.  We get the same question every week.  "what happened to your face?" or for me "why didn´t your dad teach you spanish?"  questions that are so annoying, but whatever.

This week we have our mission conference with a member of the European mission presidency.  I´m so excited to listen to a great talk!

Well family, I have to get off soon, so I´ll leave you with some thought that have been on my mind.  I read a great talk by Elder Oaks this week in the Liahona called " stand as witnesses of God".  It was a really good talk.  Sometimes we fall in this trap of trying to be religious, politically correct and try not to offend anyone, but we need to stand in the faith of Christ and do what we can to spread the gospel in both our public and private life.  Satan is trying to hide the presence of the hand of the Lord in our lives by trying to use politics to hinder our public speech.  I loved this talk.

Also I have to share my testimony of prayer again.  I have talked a lot of prayer, but It is more than a commandment.  It is a spiritually renewing process.  When I pray it is a literal communication with God, the creator of your spirits and our father in heaven.  I wish more people know that they can use this moment.  We have both morning and night to speak with him to receive his guidance and direction that we need to receive peace and security in a world of changes and demoralizing standards ( I know because I can´t walk down a street without seeing very inappropriate clothing and language, and sin looking so appealing like smoking and drinking.)  Prayer is my favorite thing right behind the Book of Mormon.  If you want to speak to God, pray.  If you want God to speak to you, read the scriptures)

Well family, I love you all and pray for health and blessings to you all personally in my prayers.  I know this gospel is true and the love the savior has for me "he´s crazy for me" (institute joke).

Les quiero,


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