Tuesday, March 3, 2015

the Beginning of a New Transfer with New Beginnings

So first off I´ll answer some questions that you guys have.

from dad:

have you had some Crema Catalana? (it is like a custard):  I´m not sure if I´ve had that yet, but the pastries are good here.

Have you had Jamon Iberico?  (they say it is about $100 a pound):  I have had Jamon here but it´s the cheap kind you buy at the store, not the big huge pig legs that are just hanging in the store windows.

have you eaten Pinchos or Papas?:  I´m not sure yet because members don´t feed us here that much.

How about montaditos?:  I don´t know what that is either.

all these dishes looked great and simple to make i hope that had some. What has been your favorite dish so far?:  Everything.  Tortilla de patata (or papas) on spanish bread with jamon and tomatoes.  also south american dishes like rice and beans :)  We visited with a member who´s from mexico and had these really good casadias.  They were so good.  Piella is good too.  Pastries are so good here.  We had this barbeque 2 weeks ago that was to die for. =)

How are your cooking skills so far?  there is always pasta and macaroni.:  My cooking skills are above par.  I have made 2 apple pies this transfer and it´s not that hard to make actually.  In total I have made 5 apple pies!  We make good food here in piso.  I´ve made fried chicken and salads.

mom questions:

You saw Meet the Mormons. Did you see that as a zone?  We don't have access to the copy yet, so I'm wondering if you missionaries are given a copy as a missionary tool.:  we saw meet the mormons in a zone conference 2 weeks ago but no we don´t have it to show our investigators.

What did you eat for breakfast this morning?  dinner yesterday?:  Breakfast normally consists of granola with yogurt,  yum, and fruit.  Lunch here is your dinner there if a member or investigator feeds because in spain dinner is lunch.  yesterday we had some bolivian bread at a member’s home for noche de hogar.

What scripture spoke to you this past week?:  the change of the lamanities when ammon and his brethren go out for 14 years and serve the lord.  I´m in alma in my scripture reading right now.  I know that this is a true book.  The spirit of God was with Ammon when he spoke with the king Lamoni and with Aaron when he spoke with and converted the lamanties into the anti-nephi-lehis.  I love my english scriptures.  If only i had the spanish enough to mark up my spanish scriptures (which I am but not as much as my english)  I love reading the book of mormon.  There´s nothing like reading the book of mormon from front to back.  I don´t know a lot, so I read the Book of Mormon to learn more of my identity of a child of God.

What made you smile this past week?:  A fresh-baked apple pie and the people you meet when you contact people.  THere was a guy we met yesterday in which we had to explain like 12 times we´re not jehova witnesses.  Also, on saturday we met a chinese man who knew some english because he taught english in china.  He told us to move to china because we can earn more money there than here in spain.  Also, the letters from mom, but i loved the letter I got from grandpa and grandma; that put a big smile on my face.

What made you turn prayerfully to the Lord?:  What makes me turn the lord is the humility I have for this work.  If anyone says that their mission is easy they are lying and had not had hard times or worked hard enough.  I turn to the lord in every prayer as a literal communication with my father in heaven.  I don´t rush through it.  I take time and think about what the lord has blessed me with and thank him for his love and help.  I ask for what I need and after the prayer I take a minute to wait to feel the spirit to confirm the question to my heart.  I pray for the gift of tongues.  Prayer to me is a tool.  I pray for the lord to bless us.  Í pray to Heavenly Father who knows me perfectly and knows what is going in my life right now and how he can help me.

well those are the questions.  I have a little time left but so you all know, I´m still in Badalona with Elder Streiff for another transfer.  We had a lot of fun this past transfer.  We have 3 new baptismal fechas and I think they will be good.  I love you all and pray that you´ll have a wonderful week.  see ya next week.


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