Monday, April 6, 2015

Conference Weekend

This week has been really fun!  First let me talk about general conference.  First we watched the saturday morn, sat afternoon (here) at 6pm and watched the priesthood session sunday morn at 10 then the sat afternoon at 12:30 then had lunch then went back to church and had the 6pm live session like saturday.  Then this morning we went to church and watched the Sunday afternoon session.  This general conference has been the best.   there is something about the mission and the spiritual height we are on and how much we are able to take in as we watch with tuned hearts and minds to the Lord.  I wish all would be able to truly love the words of the prophets as I and other missionaries get to do ( btw we watched conference in english by means of a computer at the church). 

Well family I have a few thoughts that I would like to share with you all. This past wednesday I had to help a man who has lived in the USA for a few years who has a friend that wants to get a job but needed help with some english homework, and I helped him with his papers.  He smelled really bad of smoke.  I hear he is a member, but I´m not sure.

Another funny story was when we were contacting one day.  We went to a build where a less-active lives and the door of the building was open.  We walked in and met the less-active lady whose name is Lourdes.  She was walking up the stairs as we were going to swing by and say hello.  She was in a hurry to go buy food.  So we talked for only a few minutes in the hall then left.  Outside her building we contacted this really nice catholic lady from Argentina for like 20 minutes, but did get her number though.  As we were talking with this lady, Lourdes walks by and hands us a bag of pastries and we later ate them on a park bench.

So that was on a Friday.  That same day though the Jehova witnesses (testigos de jehova) had their yearly sacrament and they were EVERYWHERE!!!!!!  there were a ton of them everywhere.  Old and young out 2x2 and 5x6, 7x12, just a ton of them.  They were all trying to get people to their sacrament.  It was really frustrating because there was 2 of us and a ton of them.  As we contacted people, they thought we were them and used the "european finger" on us and didn´t want anything.

Also another funny thing that happened this week was when we were doing weekly planning and we got a phone call.  My companion answers it and a lady says " are you coming to lunch”?  we were like what?  We looked her up the ward list and couldn´t find her.  We later found out that she was a member from Castellón and some how she got our number, so of course we couldn´t go to her house for lunch because she lives 4 hours away.

Anyway this conference has been really good.  I have learned so much and I am really grateful to have the opportunity to watch and listen to the prophets by means of satellite transmission and the internet.  We are so blessed and we fail to recognize the blessings that fall from heaven like rain.  These men and women teach us about Jesus Christ and we are to follow their wise counsel because they follow Christ´s example.  As I was taking notes I did notice that I was writing more than notes.  I was writing thoughts that entered my mind on the paper and a few things that I was writing were "Jared, you are doing great, chin up." or "don´t be afraid to be bold and clear".  I enjoy the presence of the Holy Ghost.  We can feel the Holy Ghost as we do what is right.  I know that my Redeemer lives too. He is my savior and He loves me.  I don´t have to be a missionary that knows all the scriptures or speak perfectly to be here.  We become perfected as we come to him, not be perfect then come to him.  It´s a continual process as we take one step at a time every day.  We can be become clean by the atonement of Christ and "prune our branches" (jacob 5) as we repent and change our lives so that the Lord can use us to be tools in his hands.

Well family, I love you and pray for you daily.  Have a great week.  Watch the new easter video and read and pray every day!

con amor,
Élder Gonzalez

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