Monday, April 27, 2015

Great News! We Might Get iPads

First off, I just read in the noticias that the mission sends to us every week, and President and Hermana Pace just went to a conference this past week, about missionary work and digital technology.  Next week we are going to have a conference about how to use this in practice with what we are to do.  They say that they are going to have 15 missions in Europe try it out and all 3 spain missions got approved!  So we´ll wait and see what happens.  Other than that I don´t know yet because we´ll find out in the conference with President and Hermana Pace.



How long has your companion been in Pamplona?: 2 transfers plus this one, 3.  (transfers =6 weeks,so t+t =2t, 2(6weeks) =12 weeks.  I may be on a mission, but my math is still kicking.  For example the other day I was using algebra to find how much of my daily vitamin c I was getting in each cough drop, which is 7.5% by the way.)

How many people are getting ready to be baptized?:  We have a few people who could if they wanted to but are held back because of something.  I came here and we had no investigators with baptismal fechas, but we have a few investigators who are progressing nicely.  We have Lizeth and Kismary.

What is your mailing address?: Calle or C/Benjamin de Tudela 11,3A  Pamplona 31008

Have you been in one of the bullfight rings yet?: nope

Are there any of the members in the ward that have tried to be or are bullfighters?:  I don´t know but I would think no, but I´m not sure.

How far do you live from the Citadel ?:  I don´t know what that is, and no I don´t know how far that is, but there is a big castle that surrounds that city and we live like 15 by bus.  We live 30 minutes by bus from our area.  We live in the other elders’ area.  i don´t like it that much, but we are close to the church, like 5 minutes walking.

Are all 4 of you Elders in Pamplona live in the same piso?: yes, one elder named Elder Defendis who is like me, a half mexican.  But I´m not sure because his mom was born in the states but her parents are mexican.  So I´m not alone.

How often will you get the mail that is sent to your mission office?:  Once a month when the Zone leaders go down to Barcelona and have consilio with the mission president, once a month at the beginning of the month, like today.  They go down and have an all-day meeting and come back because we have a zone infoque this week on wednesday and so we are going north to victoria.  It´s an hour and a half bus ride.


This week's "official questions"   I was reading that April 22-24 is a Spanish holiday of Moros y Christianos where reenactments of the battle are performed.  Anything in your city?  Also, how about Semana Santa?  What are your observations of that holy week?:  Well this past week there was San Jorge, some holiday that I don´t really understand, with fair rides and candy and people dressed up as middle age people with really big paper mashe (I think that’s how you spell it) heads.  They were everywhere, but I don´t know what holiday you’re talking about.  Semana Santa is the week of easter by the way.

So cool thing happened this week.  we came out of an eating visit and were waiting at a crosswalk and guess what?  The google car went by, so now I´m on the internet.  I got my photo taken at 1:18pm  22 de abril 2015 at C/ capuchinos, line 7 of the bus line here in pamplona.  so if they post the pictures up I´m online.

On the bus this past week I talked to a lady who was from Penn.  She came here to spain for a study abroad in college and found someone, has been living here for 15 years.  It was nice to talk to someone in english and not british english or african English.

I have been thinking this past week, and Pamplona is a great city and very beautiful especially the green parks and trees.  But one thing that hit me this past week is that fact that there are a lot of dandelion weeds here.  They are very bright and yellow and may look pretty, but like all weeds they steel nutrition from other plants.  Just like the gospel, sin may look enticing or fun, but still sin is sin and takes us farther away from our loving Heavenly Father.  Many people are drowning in sin, are spiritually dying and refuse to grab on to the flotation device of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  "Wickedness never was happiness" and that phrase still rings in 2015.  Sometimes I fell really sorry for the members that live in Europe because they live in a world where the great and spacious building is ever present and they hold fast to the iron rod I think more than we do in the Utah bubble.  I can´t tell how many times I walk down the street and see so much pornographic images of women with little or nothing on and the people here just think that it is normal or beautiful.  It makes me sick sometimes because of the commandment to keep clean and safe and there are too many people "spiritually drowning" because of these photos.  Keep the commandments family.  They are loving protection from our Heavenly Father.  I know that to be true.  On Sunday a lady gave her testimony in Sacrament meeting and she said that the gospel is like a pair of spiritual sunglasses that allows us to discern good from evil.
I love you all family and pray for health and strength for all of you.  Have a great week and feed your soul with scripture reading and prayers every day.

con amor,

√Člder Gonzalez

ps. a lady at church asked me to reach up on the highest shelf in the cleaning closet to get some toilet paper.  It´s good to be tall :)!!!

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