Monday, May 4, 2015


Next question, and silly:  Is there fry sauce in Spain?:  no because it´s europe and europe isn´t utah and only utah has fry sause.  duh...just kidding.  they do have a sauce you can buy at the store kind like fry sauce, but not even close.

Anyway back to the miracles.  First the other day as Elder Dixon and I were walking back home, we still had about 30 minutes left till 10pm, so we started to do some contacting.  I had the impression to go a certain direction, while my companion said we should go the other way, but in the end we went the way I felt we should go.  And sure enough we met this woman who was standing next to a bench with her back towards us and her headphones in.  We felt like we needed to talk to her.  She turned around and listened to us for about a minute and then said that she wasn´t interested and was about to turn away when we handed her a Book of Mormon and explained it a little.  She became curious but didn´t have a lot of time.  So we gave her the book and was about to leave when we noticed that she had some grocery bags.  We asked if we could help her.  She said yes because she didn´t have a bus pass and that her foot was hurting her so we walked her home and talked on the way.  We talked about the church and her son had a great time.  Anyway long story short we say good-bye after getting her information and she asked if we could help her friend tomorrow and we did and found out her friend was interested to know more about the church and so we´ll see them on Tuesday at English class and continue to work with them.  What a great miracle!

So today we leave at 5:30ish to go to Barcelona to the first ever official mission conference.  Because of the idea of ipads we are going to be trained and learn of more information about the ipads.  The conference is on tuesday morning and so we are staying at a hotel tonight!!!  The word is that the mission has ipad covers, but no ipads. 180ish ipad covers for the mission of Barcelona, but a potential of not doing digital missionary work.  Money well spent or not.  A bad´s up to you to decide that.  Anyway, I´ll write to you all (vosotros, just kinding, in this mission we don´t use tú or vosotros.)

More thoughts that I have written down this week.

On wednesday we had zone infoque in Victoria, in the north.  We took a train that was super quiet and relaxing.  I slept on the train :) , can´t miss an opportunity to sleep if you’re a missionary.... and a bus on the way back.  The zone is great, except there are no natives, unless you count me with spanish last name, but can´t speak like a native...
Had a lunch visit with one of our investigators, as we were eating he stops realized that there is no drink, we say it´s fine and he runs out of the piso to find some coke.  2 missionaries left in a nonmember’s house alone... bad idea, or just decide.  I thought it was awkward.( I don´t even like soda because of XC, and because the spanish people, or europe in general, drink way too much of it.)

No more sweaters!!!!!!  We have to wear suit, coats, or sweaters mandatory from october to may, so from conference to conference, but finally we can take it off.  So on thursday after the zone infoque I felt like a real missionary and not a weird guy from some church.  I don´t like this rule because if you are in Barcelona or Valencia, you just die all year long with the heat.  And the image of the missionary is covered, you know, white shirts and ties.
A thought came to me this past week.  I was reading 4 Nephi and Mormon in my personal reading and found that these are some bloody and deep description books.  How do investigators who read the whole book of mormon know this book to be true?  It´s by the power of the Holy Ghost.  We understand that these principles are fundamental in the gospel of Jesus Christ and when we don´t obey them, we lose the power/help from God.  In essence, the Nephite people were destroyed because of their disobedience.

Handed a BOM to a lady as we were waiting at a bus stop.
Bought fried chicken from some south americans, which was really good.  Almost as good as kfc.  "minny don´t no chicken"  get it?

In sacrament meeting an 80ish year old lady sings the lyrics of a hymn and bears her testimony of it.  It was really nice.  Also we had an investigator family come to church and get loved to death by the ward!
Well family I´ve got to go.  Hope you enjoy these emails.  Have a great week and remember "happiness is having a solid foundation on truth and light"  who said it mom deitor or dumbledore?  see mormon messages "moments that matter".  Family I know that this church is true and we can know by reading and praying about the book of mormon.  Just do it, it takes only a few minutes.  I love you all and hope you have a wonderful mother’s day week, and I´ll see you this week, face to face.

Con amor,

Élder González  (some members say that I need an accent on the A of my name, so....yeah)


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