Monday, May 18, 2015



It has been about 5 months since I have had a baptism, but we did it.  One of our investigators came up to us last week, not yesterday, but the other Sunday, and asked us when could we be baptized?  And so we put a fecha on them for Saturday.  It was super crazy trying to get them ready for that day because we had to teach them EVERYTHING!  All the lessons and the pre-baptismal questions, with 2 intercombios too!!! it was a headache, but that´s okay because there’s ibuprofen for that, so other than that THINGS ARE GREAT!!!  Luz is from Colombia and Juan is here from spain.  We received them as references from our ward mission leader who was at work helping Luz with something in her house and started talking about the church with her and so we came by and started teaching her.  Our second visit, my first because the real first visit was with Elder Dixon´s other companion, was really good.  But Luz has cancer and so she has been in and out of the hospital a lot.  So for 3 weeks she dropped off the face of the earth, we did not hear from her and she did not answer her phone, nor was she in home.  I really lost hope with her for a while, but later she came back to planet earth and came to earth and we saw here in church on her own.  We started teaching again and things just clicked with her.  She is so sweet, calling us her "corazón" after every sentence.  Juan is a big man, but has a great heart.  I laid my hands on his head and gave him the Holy Ghost.  Elder Dixon did both of the baptisms, but for Luz, she was having back problems and so we couldn´t baptize her normally.  We put her on a chair and tilted the chair down, so I helped Elder Dixon with that.  It was just a powerful weekend!  Surprise!!!



Have you heard of forest fires there in Spain?:  No but in Barcelona, there are these towers on the mountains that are used for fire look-out towers.  I have a picture of them on my other memory card.


Have you shared this past week a 5- or 10-minute lesson on a gospel principal rather than a short scripture at your eating visit?:  We are told that it would be better to share short lessons rather than a small video, share a testimony and say amen then leave.  So we did that with a few of our visits this week and it has been better because it shows to the members that we have a wonderful message we want to share with the members’ friends and not just a small scripture about temple symbols or where’s kolob.  Everything we teach should be tied to the Restoration, pmg.

from mom:  I can't imagine that this is a 5-star in Bilbao, but a hotel in Barcelona that he stayed in recently??
Tell me about the five-star hotel. : great but the people here in spain need Scotch blue tape to paint because they miss a lot of places, especially for a 5 star hotel, but It was Wonderful!

Is there anything (food wise?) that you're missing from home?: girl scout cookies.  My companion has received boxes of them.  and peanut butter.  But I don´t want any packages right now.  Also real milk....

Well family, I´ve got to go, but I want to tell you that I love you and that the book of mormon is true, I just finished it today and know that it is another testament of Jesus Christ.  It is written for us, so read it, it´s good for you and part of a complete breakfast.

Con amor,

Élder Gonzalez

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