Monday, April 20, 2015

New area and new experiences!!!!

from dad:  Where is your companion from?:  My campanion is named Élder Dixon and he is from Bountiful UT.

and How are his language skills?:  He has a year and half+ on the mission and speaks really good. mine still needs a lot of help, but I´m getting there.
How many prospects for baptism are you currently teaching?:  There a lot of investigtors here but the problem is that it´s hard to keep track of everyone and so we´ll lose people if we are not on top of things.
How is the new ward that you are in?:  Our ward is the biggest ward in the mission with like 200+ people.  The reason that the ward hasn´t split yet is because of full paying melchizedek priesthood holders.  It´s a big problem here in Spain.  But it is a lot of fun if you´re the tallest person there and your name is Gonzalez.  I still get the same questions asked.  How tall are your?  Your name is latino, where are your from?  Do you play basketball?

About how many members meet in the ward?
: 200+
Are there any other missionaries in your area?  :  there are 2 other elders here in the city that make up the district, yeah a small district.

And Where are 
  your district boundaries?:  We have the entire providence of Navarra  in our district.  We have the top half that touches Bilboa(see a map).  And half of the city of Pamplona
What kind of train did you ride?  Gpa was wondering if it was a bullet train.  :  A bullet train of course...just kidding but yes a really fast bullet train that took 4 hours!!!!
Do you personally pay for the fare?  : no we have the office pay online and pick up the ticket at a computer at the station.
Dad felt like the office would cover the fare, but I think that's out of your own pocket, right? :no because it is very expensive like 50euros or more.
 How many members were in church today?  : 200+
What's the mix of natives and immigrants? :  its interesting because it´s like 50/50.  Half spaniards and half from south america.  It´s a fun ward with a lot of JAS (YSA)
Is the church building a new one like at Castellon?:  no it´s really old like the one in badalona.  It´s a rented out area above a couple of bars and so it´s always a little awkward walking to church in nice clothes and people are smoking and drinking and staring at you.  But it´s really clean.  The city is a really clean, green, nice and hip city.  very modern and hardly any geot areas or sketchy spots.  It´s a rich, traditional european area.  I almost feel like I´m in Germany or the UK.
Well, I´m doing something that Elder Streiff has been doing which is writing the thoughts I have during the week in my planner so I can tell them to you.  Here they are:
I saw a black bishop for the first time.
Pamplona is beautiful!  I could even live here some day it´s that great!
We pray to God and he answers in scriptures.
I shared my testimony in sacrament meeting and had to adjust the microphone up so I could talk.
Well I don´t have a lot of time left, but the spirit is the master of this work here in the mission.
Please pray for me tomorrow around noon because at 8:30pm here in Pamplona we, Elder Dixon and I, are going to a religious question and answer thing tomorrow and we are a bit nervous because we have never done this before and a family that we met with this last week, references from the Paces, have more digests in their bank acounts than I have in years, are going to be there because we visited them last week in their huge house out in the country.  I know the church is true and the book of mormon is true too.  I love you all and hope you have a great week.
Con amor,
Élder Gonzalez

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