Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The work moves forward with faithful disciples

Family this has been a very good week, I think one of the best weeks of my mission.  We had the great privilege to work with and help baptize 4 people this past weekend and help 4 of God's children to return to His presence by making their first covenant with Him, baptism and confirmation.  Ramón, Jorge, Lorena, and Nadia were baptized and confirmed last weekend.  Jorge, Lorena, and Nadia are a family of 4 but the youngest was not old enough to be baptized, but the parents and the daughter were.  They were married on the 22nd and kept hold of their fecha.  They are wonderful.  They have been taught by many missionaries before so we were lucky enough to harvest from the seeds of someone's hard work of finding and teaching.  Ramón was a man who was brought to church by a friend and loved church and had a
mighty change of heart and wanted to leave his old life behind and start a new one with God. He is from the Dominican Republic and the family is from Ecuador.  I was so happy to have been part of this great experience and use the priesthood which I hold to bless the lives of God's children.  I love the mission.

Random thoughts:

We contacted a woman from Germany and I gave her a pamphlet in English because she spoke more English than Spanish.

We had two interviews for our 4 baptismal candidates because Ramón was taught all the lessons in 2-3 weeks, fast!  One for the family and the other for Ramón.

A woman helped a stranger with her baby stroller.  Charity and service.

I had an intercombio with the Zone leaders and while on my intercombio we did a lot of contacting and door knocking.  We were ringing a door bell and all of a sudden a woman with a baby on her chest and two bags in her arms was walking up a big hill.  I had the urge to ask if she needed help but the words didn't come out of my mouth.  She kept walking up the street and then the spirit prompted me to go and see if she needed help.  We did and asked and she said she was fine because she was getting to her car.  She then the said that she was atheist and did not believe in God.  We walked away feeling a little down until we went down one streets and met a woman who was carrying two big bags of groceries.  We asked if she needed help and she said yes.  We carried them to her house, shared s quick message and prayed with her.  I cried during the prayer because the spirit was so strong.  Then set a return visit.  God directed our paths to her.

Too many sick people and members. The bishopric all had the flu.  We gave a blessing on Sunday night to the bishop and his wife who were in bed.  We came by at about 9:25 pm to get some papers signed for the baptism and we kind of disturbed them, really awkward, but they were really nice about it.

Too many people jump the gate and fence here in the metros and trains.  Disobedient to the laws of the land.

We learned in the 3rd hour on the 5 th Sunday about how to clean the church and why.

We helped some men from India with directions.

We had a great fhe with a recent convert and an active family on Sunday that went perfect!

Well family I love so you much and wish you a great week.  I know this work is true and I know this church is too.

Con mucho amor

Élder Gonzalez en el Faro

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