Monday, February 29, 2016

Possibly My Last Week in Terrassa

Pastry after a haircut on P-Day
The transfers here in our mission have been off since Christmas.  We had a small transfer due to Christmas and then an extra long transfer due to the short transfer.  Then the church came out with the new policy of 3 weeks in the Mtc for natives.  So this transfer has been short.  So I think my time will come up here in Terrassa.  I will miss it here though because I have gotten so used to the ward and the work here.  I love the members, they work so hard to make our little ward grow up.

Random thoughts:

We met a woman named Mia and we gave her a Book of Mormon and shared Alma 7 with her.  It was good.

I found a 2 euro coin on the ground, and later used it to pay for a bus ticket because my card stopped working.

We had a beautiful full moon.

Monday night we met a woman named Chelsey, and guess where she's from...Layton, Utah.  She is here studying and working.  She's a member and was looking for the church.  She did not however come to church this past week.

New record, 2 copies of the BOM passed out in 30 minutes.

We helped carry a baby stroller down from two stories.

We had a train strike in Barcelona this past week making our trip to specialized training a little slow.

I love the letters you send me family.

 While on an intercombio, Élder Brog(zone leader) and I were going through our pass by lists because all of our visits fired.  At 9:15 pm with nothing left, we sat on a park bench and said a
prayer.  Minutes later that prayer was answered as we contacted a less-active woman sitting on a curb.  We visited her again on Saturday and brought a member she knew from over 20 years ago and we gave a blessing to her.  It was a magical night.  Her name was Laura.

I was waiting by a woman in the metro while waiting for my companion after the intercombio, and I showed her some family pictures you sent me.  We talked a little about families and genealogy.  She was nice but was not interested in anything.

We got hail!  It rained on Saturday night and we were out in the streets all wet, but luckily I had my waterproof coat on, but my nonwaterproof  gloves got drenched.  We sang and laughed in the rain.  It was a jolly good night.

We were complimented in church by our bishop, and the daytons were visiting too.  They brought a new senior couple to tour the mission a little before going up to Bilbao to help the YSA.

Well mom, my Christmas present of white board markers all died...

We have this investigator family from Bolivia who came to church on Sunday and brought friends too.  It was a huge miracle!  And they loved it!

Question, did you ever get my package?

Well family I don't know what more I should share with you.  I would like to leave you with a small testimony that I know this work is  the work of the Lord.  It is hard, but I know that it is true and we draw closer to God than at any other moment in time.  So many blessings come
from serving the Lord.  I know that God is loving and wants us to obey His commandments.   They are set so we can return to live with him.  I never knew how good I had it until I came to Spain.  My parents are faithful members, returned missionaries, and sealed in the Salt Lake City temple for time and all eternity, and I and my brothers are with them for time and eternity too. In our sacrament hymn on Sunday, # 195 in Spanish " las familias pueden ser eternas".  I know that it is true.  I love doing my best and leaving the rest to the Lord, because we are all imperfect, but in Christ we can find strength and refinement.

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