Monday, February 22, 2016

A Dusty Preparation Morning

Well family I would like to say what a wonderful week it has been I love the chance I have to be here as a missionary.  Sometimes when you are in the trenches. like shoveling snow from the drive way you don´t get to see the progress you have made till the end of the driveway.  Well it takes a sec to look up from the trench and see where you are and where you came from.  Well I had a couple of those moments this week when I was working this week and the simple thought came to my head, "you’re in Spain"... Wow I´m in Spain!!! in the best mission ever with all the best missionaries ever.  I love this gospel and I love the fact that I get to share it will everyone.  

Well mom I have news for you... I have decided to go home on July 13th like I am program to leave, all I have to do is ask Presidnet Dayton to see if it is okay if my parents will come and pick me up.  I didn´t want you guys to come because I felt bad that Grandpa and Grandma would be helping to pay for the trip after going through so much pain and medical trips these past few months.  I thought it would be better to just come home without any extra stress, but then I remember that it is true, mom, you and your parents had a wonderful time in Europe and made many wonderful memories.  I would hope that you make some plans to write down some things to see and do while you are here or how to get around here in spain like the north or to Valencia because I am clueless unless you take the train which costs a lot, but you do the math and the calculation and I will focus on my main objective which to "teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost." Matt. 28:19-20

Random thoughts

I had a great intercombio with a missionary from our district named elder moulton from seattle. in Manresa  WE met a man who knew a missionary from 30 years ago and made great friends with him.

During the intercombio I prayed twice to receive extra help from God to bless me so I could move forward, on the train and in piso.  I was blessed to feel less stressed and keep moving forward and enjoyed the intercombio without any regrets.

in 2 days we handed out 5 BOMs

I walked into a tree branch because I am so gosh darn tall.

President Dayton gave us special permission to resend our emails because MYLDSMAIL was having some technical difficulties.  So that is why you got my letter late, sorry.

We had a great religious meeting this past week in a library here in Terrassa.  A member works in a town hall, Ayuntamiento, and asked if we would help attend this special meeting.  She presented a quick overview of the Anti-Nephi-Lehis and their conversion story.  It was really good.  there were other religions there like the Catholics...of course, the muslims, evangelicals, and i believe a type of budist group too.  It was really good and we talked about how our church does the helping hands program with a few people after the presentation and the people were really amazed with what we do.

We helped an old woman with her groceries last saturday.  Her name was Serría, I think...

We prepared the sacrament this week again.  we didn´t have a lot of investigators in church like the last 2 weeks but it was great to have our less actives in church though.

Jorge and Ramón, our 2 recent converts received the priesthood this past week.  It was something I forgot to write to president that was amazing to see.

We have had some nice weather these past 2 days.

At the religious meets this past week there was an american who was taller than me!!! he must have been 6 feet 8 or 9, super tall and skinny!!!

It’s dusty this morning.  WE cleaned piso.

We have an investigator named Leandro who is someone we contacted the other week and have been visiting.  We have these really good visits with him and we feel like he is the next baptism here in Terrassa, but he didn´t come church this past week.  what a bummer.

Lorena, our recent convert, had a member in her family die this past week.  We passed by to share about the plan of salvation with her but she was not well to receive us but we taught her family and it was really good.  a planned lesson

We also had a family home evening last night with a recent convert/part member family and it was really good. we too taught about the plan of salvation.

2 more weeks in the transfer because the transfers are off due to the new schedules for the native missionaries who now get 3 weeks in the MTC instead of 2.

Well family I don´t know what more I can share.  My heart is full when I can feel the spirit working through me to reach to someone else.  I love the work I am doing.  As a mission we are redoing the 12 week program like when we first came on the mission.  And I am refinding the true reason why I came on a mission.  Not for the fame, not for leadership, not to tour the world, not to speak a different language, but to be a servant of the Lord.  I was talking with someone a few months ago and he said to me that the Lord wants your best but also wants something more,  He wants your time.  He has asked for you for 2 years.  All time and talent you can muster to focus on 2 years of dedicated, consecrated work.  It is a hard thing.  Missionary work was designed to be tough and not easy, because the famous elder holland quote is " because salvation is not a cheap experience."  drops of blood were spilled for him who said "not my will, but thine be done".  It takes a lot for me to realize this moment to say, even though I have hard days, it´s cold and so are the people,  nothing is going our way,  why is it hard?  We have to take a second and look at the big picture.  God has a plan and he knows how to reach to his children.  We have to be the laborers in the vineyard and work till the sun goes down when the master of the vineyard will burn the field.  3 Behold, the field is white already to harvest; therefore, whoso desireth to reap, let him thrust in his sickle with his might, and reap while the day lasts, that he may treasureup for his soul everlasting salvation in the kingdom of God. DyC 6:3
We are to be the workers in the field.  As I look back on how far I have come, I see many things I wish I could change, but I know that we are here to do our very best and to leave the rest to the Lord and he will provide the rest.  Just something to think about.  Life is tough, and so is missionary work.  I just want to let you know that I love our Heavenly Father for giving us his son to die for us that we might live again.  I love the Book of Mormon and the wonderful teachings we can find and learn from each day as we dig into it.  I love the prayer; it is our communication with Heavenly Father that we can use to grow closer to him.  I love you family and hope you have a great week.

Con mucho amor de un misionero de El Faro en lo mejor misión en el mundo, Barcelona España,

Élder Gonzalez

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