Sunday, January 3, 2016

And a Happy New Year

And one with a new start.  But why is it only at the beginning of a new year that we believe is the perfect time to turn a new page in our lives?  It is every day that we can repent and turn a new page in our life book.  I have a few resolutions for this new year and a few for the rest of my mission.  I am trying to become a more consecrated missionary because I love the Lord and I want to serve him.  I know the atonement works.  I see it in my life.  I am becoming my "first" convert.

Random thoughts:
We had Christmas Eve with a group of old ladies .  We were invited by a member to a birthday party and ate salt free meals and sugar free cake.  Yum.

Mom I saw your video, and have one thing to say, I'm very disappointed that you are sending videos to members who are trying to share it to me while I'm at church.  Very distracting, but I love your video, even though I did not hear what you said very well because the volume button was broken on the member’s phone, yes miracles.

Got a hair cut by my companion.

Contacting is not working.  We can be in the streets for hours and see nothing, even though the holidays are in swing.

We deep cleaned our piso today.

Sorry left my planner in piso so I can't remember what happened this week, that's why I write them in my planner to remind me.

Well family I don't really know what to wright right now.  Well I do really want to express the love I have for you.  It was really nice to skype.

Last night we had a lesson on the plan of salvation.  I used two scriptures.  2 Nephi 2: 22-25 and alma 34: 8-10.  The atonement is something I have been study a lot with much excitement because dad suggested that I should.  As I have been studying this topic I have come to love the sacrifice of the savior with greater appreciation. The atonement is the power to overcome death both physical and spiritual.  Because of the Fall of Adam, we are separated from God’s presence and we will all sin and make mistakes.  We will encounter sickness and death and our mortal body will turn to dust.  But the resurrection of Christ after the 3rd day makes the bands of death and broken forever more.  But it is also by the atonement of Christ that our sin can be clean and we can become white as snow (Isaiah 1:18). Christ is  the center of this great plan of happiness.  Without him there is no light at the end of the tunnel.  But he is the life and light of the world ( mosiah 16:9).  So there will be a new day.  I love the scriptures and the combination of prayer.  We can have access of this power in our lives if we allow it to work and accept His teachings.  I'm learning this personally.  I love this work, and I love you.  Have a happy new year.

Con cariño

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