Sunday, January 10, 2016

New Year with New Chances

Hello family

Random thoughts:

We ran to catch a train last week and was on the platform as the train was leaving the station.  My hand was on the door but nothing.

I love my new pens and pants!  Thanks mom!

We changed study rooms in our apartment.  It's smaller but it gives our living room more space to "live".

I feel like I am becoming better at listening to people.  As in
Spanish, but also in general.  I understand what they are trying to explain, their doubts, their fears, questions, etc.  now I can respond and help.

Mom I used your medicine that you sent me for my birthday, it was helpful when I was sick last week.

11am and no one in the street on 1/1/16:(  we were in the streets all day and nothing.  Nobody was out.  No one answered the doors either.

We walked into a town square and heard the church bells ring at noon.  It was a sight to see, only in Europe can you take in such a breathtaking sight.

We were knocking doors last week and all of a sudden a glop of bird poop missed me by inches.  A fat pigpen was perched on a telephone pole.  A quick miss from pigeon poop.

We had a family home evening with a family last Saturday.  The mom is in the relief society president and she served a mission in her country in Columbia and her husband in his country of Peru.  A missionary parent duo like you mom and dad!  We played a Mormon game called "chose the right". It looked like a game you could buy at Seagull book.

We were in sacrament meeting on Sunday and as I took the sacrament I felt the spirit really strongly.  It was an aw moment for me to take the sacrament in the church of Jesus Christ in a small, bajo chapel in Spain, speaking Spanish.

We had planned to pass by a man named Jacobo yesterday and we
bumped into him in the street.  He contacted us!

We had lunch with a Catalan family named the Reals.  It was really good.  We had lasagna.

We were in correos today because I was sending a box home (ps keep an eye out for a box going home full of books and stuff), and we met a man named Ababacar, or something like that, from Sinagal.  He didn't speak Spanish so we helped him with his delivery.  Small acts of kindness.

Well family it is a great time to be a missionary.  I can see the blessings of the Lord in my life.  It is a blessing to be here in Spain of all places to preach the restored gospel.  We will have lots of trials too.  we will have doors slammed in our faces, people cursing at you, getting weird glares from people who will not even give you the time of day ( I finally got what that meant this week when I asked someone for a direction and nothing).  As I was contemplating this experience we have as missionaries, I came to an uprising discovery.  As missionaries we carry the most important message in the world.  We teach of the restored gospel and how God still speaks to man by means of prophets.  A plan that is corrected from false doctrine and theories of our purpose of life ( we had a strange encounter with a member family who had reincarnation and resurrecting mixed up).  And the proper authority to baptize and confirm people.  However we are treated as naught.  2 Nephi 28:16.
However my discovery is to keep our message simple and ourselves
humble, that we are tested and tried, to keep the purity of our message true.

Had we basked in the praise of men and ward members we would not thank Heavenly Father for our wonderful blessing and our perception of the Savior’s sacrifice as not important.  People are stubborn so that means they are not ripe fruit.  They need more time to ripen.  We are called to find the "elect" sons and daughters of God who are willing to find the restored truth.  Christ’s mission was not easy so ours in not as well. That is something that I was thinking about this last week.   Hope you
had a great week and a happy new year.

Con cariño
Élder Gonzalez

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