Monday, December 21, 2015


Terrassa Zone Conference, Jared is back row sitting 3rd from right
First thing, family I will by calling by means of Skype this year.  I have an app on the iPad that I can use, which will be easier for me, so do what you need to do so we can talk on Friday at 6 for me in Spain, so like 10am in Utah.  Access your account, or whatever is needed so we can talk and have a joyous Christmas!

Random thoughts:

We contacted a man the other day in the street and he had some really strange ideas about religion, God, and other points of doctrine.  We talked for like 35 minutes but not even the simplest of doctrine was making sense to him.  It made me very frustrated but in the end it
also helped me in my testimony of the restored gospel and how much I have been blessed to have this in my life since birth.

I enjoyed president packer’s last talk and testimony of the savior in the ensign/liahona.  It was amazing.  I felt the spirt from my iPad. It was a powerful testimony from one of the greatest teachers earth has to offer.

We helped a woman carry her groceries as her bags broke.  It was a miracle for me because never in my time on the mission have I ever carried someone's groceries because everyone is a little closed off, but God put her in our path to help and serve.

We pushed a car that was broken to help start the engine.  It was a lot of work because it was very heavy and there were only 3 people pushing.  Do a good turn daily!

We sang Christmas songs as we contacted this week.  A little Christmas spirit.

Again I will be calling at 6 from Spain so 10 am at home for you.  I only have 40 minutes so we can't waste time.

Our bishop said in sacrament meeting that we are Jehovah witnesses.  It sounds better in Spanish " testigos de Jehovah".  Because we testify of him before his birth as the God of the Old Testament and the Christ of the New Testament and the Messiah of the Book of Mormon.
We testify that he lives as the resurrected savior.  Lord of Lord and King of kings.

As I was waiting for my companion during an intercombio, I sat on a bench in a train station and read from Libro de Mormón.  A lady sat next to me and asked if I was reading the bible?  I said no I was reading El Libro de Mormón.  She asked if I was a Mormon and I said yes, and then she asked if we went out two by two and I said yes, but I was waiting for my companion.  So people do notice us and recognize us as different people.

Well family I have to go but I would like to share with you a small quote from something that I learned this week.
"If one believes that all roads lead to heaven or that there are no particular requirements for salvation, he or she will see no need for proclaiming the gospel or for ordinances and covenants in redeeming either the living or the dead. But we speak not just of immortality
but also of eternal life, and for that the gospel path and gospel covenants are essential. And the Savior needs a church to make them available to all of God’s children--both the living and the dead."-Élder Christopherson from this year’s conference.

It is so clear why we have a church of Jesus Christ, so we can perform the ordinances needed to make it back to our Father’s presence and to save our ancestors.  I love this Church and I love the mission too, even if it is hard and people think you are the gum stuck to the bottom of a shoe, but I am learning the road of true discipleship has to go near the garden of gethsemane and we must know that salvation is not a cheap experience.  The refiner’s fire is real and those who pass through it will become someone the Lord can use to get his errands done.  I thank my family who has sacrificed so much for me to be here.  I love you all and hope you have a great Christmas.

Con cariño

Élder Gonzalez

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