Monday, August 24, 2015

What a Week Full of Miracles

Can I just start off by saying how awesome my companion is!  We have had a lot of miracles together ever since he has gotten here.  It has been a blessing to have such a wonderful companion.

Random thoughts from the week.

On the bus on Wednesday we were contacted by a lady who asked us if we were missionaries?  We said yes and this lady was super happy because she had been a foreign exchange student in Utah last year and just loved the family she was with.  She has a lot of desires to learn more and be baptized.  The only problem is we were so focused in talking
that she almost missed her stop and left without writing down her phone number, but we did give her a copy of our phone number.

 Last weekend I was in Vitoria because my other companion left to Barcelona to go home.  On Tuesday was transfers, and I was waiting for my companion because he was coming in late.  I was so bored.

This week I was really sick.  I finally called president Dayton after calling Hermana Dayton 3 times and he said that there is a virus going around the mission and I was lucky enough to catch it.  Hermana Dayton is the first person to go to if we are sick, but why?  Our president is a
doctor and a university professor.

I saw a John Deer tractor. In the alfalfa fields.

I got a blessing because I was so sick from my companion and the bishop here.

A missionary came home this last week.  His name is Johnathan cueva. He is from Ecuador and served in Leon, France.  His family picked him up.  Hint hint.......  We had a homecoming for him at the church, but I didn't eat any of the sugary cake because I was so sick.

I had my first pb and j sandwich on Friday because we are poor and have no money to buy food.  Thanks mom for the package again,  the raspberry jam tastes like home:)

We had district meeting in Vitoria, because they are our new district. The new zone leader is from Argentina.

I'm trying to relax more and not get too stressed out.  It is a hard thing to not get too worried over things like if visits seem to fire on you and no one wants to listen to you.  Just relax and eat more of mom’s peanut butter.......

We were on a bus one day ( there seems to be magic in these buses), and we contacted this lady from Bolivia named Alicia.  She's a grandma!  She knows the church because her friend was once a missionary.  She showed us a picture of her new 3 week year old granddaughter.  She is so good and wants to learn more.

Returned missionary spoke and had 3 main themes: faith, diligence, and obedience.

We had to pick up a family to bring them to church.  The family was just a very active one, and now that I think about it I think it was a joke that the bishop was playing because he sent a message to the family saying that two angels were going to come by and pick them up.  They
were a little disappointed when it turned out to be the missionaries. The wife was wanting Angel Moroni, or Captain Moroni.  Sorry.  But on the bus ride over at each stop more members were getting on until the bus was filled with just members.  Party bus!

Send pictures electronically or by mail, I like pictures:)

We got a new ward mission Leander, guess who...the new returned missionary!  The missionary work is going to sky rocket!

Week of miracles!

Well family that's the fantastic week I had.  Hope everything was good on your side as summer comes to a close and school and work begin anew.  I would just like to leave you with a message about repentance that I studied this morning that I wrote down in my study journal.  ( quick random goal that my companion told me to make is hit 2 meters tall, I'm 195 right now and short by 5, it's time to eat more veggies!).  I was studying this because we have a new investigator who is hooked on alcohol and cigarettes.  Repentance and addiction recovery
page 188 in pmg.  The lord has provided a means whereby we may be saved.  He is the light and the light of the world.  He is our redeemer.  Repentance is a long lasting commitment to refrain from committing sin.  It allows us to free ourselves of the guilt we have and brings us closer to our father in heaven.  We must do our part to receive the mercy from the Lord.  Sometimes it's hard to write down all these things on paper, so that's why we have a study journal so you can write and have them down permanently.  I know that Jesus Christ is the savior and redeemer of the world.  When we have faith in him we have confidence that he will uphold his promise if we 1) repent, 2) keep his commandments, and that's how we will have mercy applied upon us and receive a remission of sins.  We take the sacrament to renew our commitment of baptism and feel clean as the day that we were baptized,  whether that was when we were 8 or 58, it's all the same and we can receive eternal life and live with God again.  Family I love this work and it is truly a blessing to be a missionary for 2 years
and have no other care in the world other than knock doors and tell people this wonderful message about families and love.  I love you all and do pray for you every day.  Have a wonderful week.

Con amor,
Élder Gonzalez
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