Monday, August 3, 2015

Happy Pre Prehump Day from Spain


What was your first impression about PRes. and Sister Dayton?: second visit with them and it was great.  They are amazing people.  We'll be with them this Wednesday because we have specialized training this week in Bilbao.  I love them so much, it is truly an honor to be with

Random thoughts.

Mom your "singer" sewing machine is all over Spain and maybe all over Europe too.  We walked into a shop and it's like the 30th one I've seen.

Gave our seats to two old ladies on a bus.

Mom you said if you're on my favorite mom list, and I'm sad to say that you are, but you're number 6.  1) colemans 2) Andrews 3) vergars from castellón 4) Rojas from castellón 5) Roys a friend’s mom.  But good news you’re making it back to your number one spot because I got 2 packages this week and letters from you.  The voice of the people has been spoken and a recount is in order. Tune in for next week’s vote.

I saw two nuns in yellow and white chatting with a lady and helping someone cross the road.  Oh they're so cute, how old they are and trying to be like sister missionaries.  Just be baptized and put In your mission papers.  They're so nice.

Look this up for me please.  A protest in Pamplona with people on bikes with flags tied to the with AHT-TAN STOP with a snail.  What does it mean?

A less-active from Ecuador found her membership papers.  I'm so happy for her.  Now she can be a full member again and have a calling too.  She has been looking for a long time.  They had to contact slc.

The temperature is out of control.  It is hot one day, cold the next and the other is just perfect.  Humidity sucks because I was in Vitoria and it felt like 5degrees c.  Today is 35.

I saw a lady riding her bike with her arms folded when I was on a bus.  A thought came to my head " morning prayer"!

Everyone at zone enfoque had their iPads except me.  But that's okay.  I prefer books and notepads rather than iPads.

On a bus to Vitoria, I saw a Mercedes wagon, new, pulling a camper. Only in Europe will you ever see someone do something like that.

We passed by an investigator and helped her move by surprise.  We rang the doorbell and said to come help because they had a lot to carry.  Surprise service!

In Vitoria I had an intercombio and helped to find 2 Muslims become new investigators!  The Lord is preparing the hearts of his children.

Contacted a lady named Maria, and she is Spanish, has health problems but wants us to teach her the gospel tomorrow!  I'm very excited to meet with her.  She is very nice.

Got your packages but haven't opened them till Wednesday.

On Sunday a family from London came to church, and the oldest daughter just came home from Sydney Australia and knows Kayla huff.  Her name is Amelia stumbrury.  She'll be here for a few more weeks so let her know if she wants me to say anything to her.  Also Elder ward was nice enough to translate the whole sacrament meeting for them.  It was a really good fast and testimony meeting.

It's hard to tell if we have investigators in church during the holidays because there are a lot of new faces visiting.

This morning a fly was flying in an invisible box for no reason.

Well family I have to go because I have to get my hair cut for the meeting on wed. And to have another Dominican fhe with 2 families and see what happened to Kevin, our fetcha for last week.

Well family I know that God lives and there is absolute power in those words.  We grow closer to him in sincere prayer and dedicated scripture reading.  As long as we are on God's side we are safe, but if we go one inch in the Devil’s side we are helpless to him.  Our testimonies are the anchors in a world of changing values.  Christ lives so we can be together forever.  This is my testimony.  I know it to be true.  I love you.

Con amor
Élder Jared Gonzalez

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