Tuesday, August 18, 2015

One Year

So we had transfers this week and I'm here in Vitoria waiting for my companion because he is coming from a place called Burgos.  His name is Élder wheat.  I'm here in Vitoria because on Sunday afternoon at 4:30 elder Ward took a bus to Zaragoza to catch a train to Barcelona

because he is ending his mission, he is going home.  After he left I took a bus at 5 to go to Vitoria and stay with the other elders till today when I go pick up Élder wheat.  By the end of this transfer, all of my companions will be home and I will not have any companions "alive".

Random thoughts of the week.

Mom, check last week letter, there was a capitalization error with the word love....you tell me to double check, so ...yeah.... You double check. Hahahaha

Élder Ward bought me a candy called a Bon Bon at a store.

Élder ward’s last week, but I still have a year left!

We have an Erica here in Pamplona too, but she is from Honduras.

Long bus ride to logroño but I took a bunch of good pictures of the Spanish country side.  I have Spanish fever!  I love this country!

I saw a kid riding around in grandpa’s electric wheelchair, then he ran into the wall.  He scratched grandpa’s ride....

We had to run to catch a bus again this week and wow, Élder Ward can run fast!  We sometimes look silly because we will sprint to catch a bus and people will give us that weird look, but hey we are on the Lord’s time, plus we can't be late.

You know when you’re "ripped" when you can't sing and dance " head, shoulders, knees and toes."  I saw a guy who was just huge! But they’re pros and cons to everything.  And primary songs are one of those cons.

I did weekly planning by myself because Élder Ward had to pack.  Boring.

I bought some new pens, colored pens, because people keep taking mine and here in Spain you don't buy a pack of pens, you go to a paper shop and you biu pens individually, for way too much.

In Sunday school we read from the teaching of president benson, and the subject was about senior members.  1) we must respect and help them, 2) they must be the examples for us to follow because they have a lot of wisdom.  We love mom, even though you look different in the photos you sent me a few weeks ago.  I'm not saying OLD, just different, like your hair is longer than before.  I love you so much mom!  And some day you could be a senior missionary with dad in the HOT, HUMID JUNGLES....of Europe or South America.  Yes, the cities here are jungles.

I saw a man who landed in a field on my bus ride to Vitoria in a parashoot!

Élder turner, from CA, who is one of the elders here in Vitoria. brought up "the middle". I love that show, but it can wait in a year.

My stomach is so full from all the food we ate with the members this past week because of Élder Ward.

Well that's the end of my random thoughts.  I have lots to learn.  I read talks and stories of prophets and apostles and they have so much wisdom to share.  I love studying from them.  For example we have the liahona or ensign to read from every month.  I have come to really

love learning from president benson and packer, who have passed away, but their talks are so powerful and these man are blessed servants of God.  I love the time I have every day to study for an hour in personal study and an extra hour for companionship study.  If you are not feasting from the scriptures every day, your spirit is hungering and thirsting after  righteousness.  If we read we learn and when we learn we grow, and when we grow we grow closer to our Father in heaven.  I know this to be true.

I love you so much family and pray for your safety and success every day.  Have a wonderful week.

Con amor

Élder Jared Gonzalez



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