Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Hello Everyone!!!

Well like I said yesterday, we had a crazy busy day and so we split our emailing time in half.  So I´m doing the family letters right now.  

So this week was transfers and I´m still here in Castellón and Elder Westfall left to go up to Barcelona and I got two new companions, Elder Harris and Elder Slausen.  I´m in a trio. Elder Harris is from south carolina and he reminds me of Aaron Taylor, a goofy kid, but super full of energy and the spirit.  He has 2 transfers left.  Elder Slausen is from sandy and he has been on the mission for 1 year now.  he is great and is super calm.  This transfer is going to be the best!!!!!

Yesterday for preparation day we went to a castle that sits on top of a mountain and overlooks the ocean.  IT´s super cool.  We then got back, had lunch, went to the train station and dropped Elder westfall of and said good-bye plus picked up the new elders.

This weekend was the Valencia stake conference.  It was really good.  We went to the parent meeting on saturday night.  It was really good, from the parts that I could understand at least.  THen on sunday it was SUPER cold.  THE wind just blew and I was a popcicle!  But the conference was great and we watched the regular session by computer broadcast from catarroja.  Some of our investigators and less actives came and it surprised me.

This week, claudia is going to be confirmed a member and the hermanas have a baptism tomorrow!!!  so things are moving here in castellon.

We have some good days and we have some bad days too.  We have one recent convert who is being a bum and is getting bad influence from a member who left the church, but we are trying our best to get him back on board.  On sunday we gave a blessing to a lady who is a less active who is coming back.  she has a court case this week to gain the custody of her son and so we hope she wins and finds a job and an apartment to live in because right now she is living in a womens shelter.  she´s super good.

Elder westfall was a great companion.  He knows so much, and is very good at talking with people, skills I will need to develop more.  I will miss him, but I have 2 companions to help me now.

We have 2 missionaries who are coming home this week.  The bishop´s son and the Roja´s son.  From what I hear, they are super good people.  Plus in a week or 2 we will be able to go on splits with them and destroy this town!!!!

Also this week we had a baby shower for a member who is having a baby this month.  She´s crazy, but is such a funny person.  We had games and food, but that day elder westfall and I had like 2 meals before that and so we were super stuffed.

Also on sunday there was the castellón marathon.  I woke up and people were running on the streets outside my window.  As we walked to church I asked Elder westfall if we could take the side streets because this was too much of a distraction.!!!

Well family, I need to go hope you all have a great week and I will write you next week.

ps mom update your skype so we can talk in a few weeks.

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