Monday, March 14, 2016

Well my first week here in Ibiza has been a blast.  It is still chilly here and the mornings are freezing because we live right off from the ocean.  I hate humidity.  But it is something to get used to.

So, how many members came to church today? :37
 where do you guys meet?  : our church/meeting house is on the same block as our piso, 30 sec walk.  Our chapel has glass windows all around with a blurry strip lining that goes around so the sun light can go in but people can't peek in and disturb our worshiping.  I believe it used to be a dental shop but reformed to be a meeting house.  Not very big, smallest one yet.
How long has the church been on this island? : I think for a few years6-7 years.
 how is the transportation system on the island? : we have a bus pass that we have to recharge like in Pamplona, but it is only used for getting from one side of the island to the other.  The cities are too small to use buses to get around.
 Is the food more expensive than back on the mainland?  :  I think it is about the same.  Fruits are a little more expensive.  We shop at Dia.
do you get more spending money? : no
Are there any people ready for baptism in your area?  : we set a fecha last week for a man named Julio that Élder Saunders had been teaching.  He was in the hospital for a week or so, because he smokes and had lung problems.  He is old, but receptive to the message.  We got 3
references from the church headquarters that we have to contact by today and so we are going to be busy for a while baptizing and bringing others to the fold of God.
what district and zone do you belong to?,:  the Balearics, Los Baleares are not a stake yet.  We are a district.  They have a mission plan to make the islands a stake by 2020.
 and how often will you have to go to zone conferences?  :  I don't know it. I think once a month schedule of zone conference which is next week and specialized training next month.
Do you attend a branch or ward?: branch
How many members?:see above, 37
Any investigators?:  not from us but 2 from the other elders
Where is your tracting boundary?: the south side of the island and anywhere but the beaches, inappropriate shopping centers, and scary gypsy areas.
Tell us about your bishop/branch president?: our branch president is named Julio Gomez.  He is from Ecuador.  He has been The president for only a short time.
How close are you to the church?: same block as our piso
Give us a description of your apartment?:  nice with a perfect hot water system.  Small kitchen for four elders and a big living room.  Our toilet is broken so we have to share bathrooms...
That's awesome that you have a sister in your mission from Riverton. My cousin is wondering if you know of a Sister Simpson?  She's a neighbor in Spain, but they don't know which mission.  She would be from Mt. Pleasant (down by Manti).:  I don't know a sister Simpson,
but there is an elder named Simon from Australia.

Also we did district meeting by means of skype because the other missionaries from Palma live far away.

Random thoughts:

We talked to two teens last week and they were talking about a book that was discovered in turkey that is like the bible.  Kind of the Dead Sea scroll thing, but they were talking about how it shows that only the Koran is the only true book and not the Book of Mormon.  I had to be respectful because they were not believing anything we were testifying to because the Book of Mormon is to give additional light and clarification to what is Written in the bible.  They were Muslim.
It helped build my testimony that the Book of Mormon is the most correct book because Joseph smith was directed to the book and translated it by the power of God and not by chance nor by worldly knowledge.  I know the book is true because I have put Moroni 10:3-5
to work and found out for myself.  God always calls prophets, it's God's recipe for His church.

There is a recent convert named Anton from Switzerland here who is 60 years old and lives alone with the same clothes each day, but is a fantastic member!  He said something to me last week that touched my heart.  We were helping a member from Nigeria get ready to go to the temple and Anton said that when he goes to the temple he wants to go in and say that he will give all himself to the Lord!  I was stunned but it was true.  When we receive our endowment, we make covenants with God.  He just knows that there is more to life than things, but time and our willingness to serve.

We spoke to a polish man named Magic on the street the other day.  He spoke to us in English.

1st Sunday in Ibiza.  It was really nice, every thing working in a small format.  The sacrament takes just a few minutes and the talks a little long ,but we use a rest hymn to give the speakers a break. I gave my testimony too.  We are in charge of teaching gospel principles and young men.  Élder Merrill, our district leader, is the 2nd councilor. We had young men’s in the president’s office,  and he shared a video from Élder holland called "stay within the lines".  This video helped me prepare for the mission.

Well family I just want to say how much I love you, but the mission has my heart right now.  A member asked me if I miss my family. i said yes and no because when I am at church it feels at home, part of a good cause.  I love the Lord and only want to serve and help build his kingdom.  I pray that I can be a worthy instrument in his hands, obedient and faithful.  I am blessed for each day to be refined by the Savior’s atonement.  I know that as we repent we draw closer to God.

We as missionaries repent too.  That is why we needed a savior to rescue us from the fall 2 Nephi 2:26.  I love you and hope you have a great day.

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