Monday, March 21, 2016

My island, my testimony, and a willing spirit to work!!

Just lost everything I wrote....

This week was a week of fun, joy, and hard contacting.  I felt like I was fishing but no bites.  It was a great week to learn how to be a missionary all over again.  I love that I have this chance to learn and be filled with the spirit.  I know that the Lord has s plan for each of us, and Jesus Christ is at the center of it all.  He is mindful of what we need.  We just have to pray.  I was doing a lot of praying last week.  After an hour of each session of contacting we would sit on a bench or find a quiet place and say a quick prayer.  We contact in 1 hour blocks.  Every hour we switch things up so we don't get too bored.  The people are a little tough.  I love the chance I get to learn and grow and become somewhat new by our trials and tribulations.  We have to endure to the end with a smile.

Have the previous Elders mapped out the area well and had contacts that you need to follow up on?    :  the area is okay, but small.  We walk down the same streets and talk to many of the same people each day.  But fun and new.  We have a few people we have to follow up on,
but not too many, our teaching pool in okay.
Are the people you are meeting local from Spain or are they also from other countries like it has been on the main land? :  the people are mostly from Ibiza here, but the members come from Ecuador or Paraguay. 1 German member and I know of only one Spanish member.
QUESTIONS:  How did the referrals go last week?:  2 good,one a dud.  The one lives on the other side of the island and the other didn't come to church.
How many young men do you teach on Sunday?: 2
Did you have zone conference this week?  by Skype?:  it was district meeting.  On wed. We go to Palma and have zone conference.  We have to take a plane at 7:30 am and get home at 10:15 pm.  Yeah,  a little crazy.
Are you getting rain right now?: a little

Are you doing any running?:  with Élder Saunders we are running more.
What have you done today to uplift yourself?:  we went out to eat at an Argentina restaurant!

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