Monday, February 2, 2015

I'm Super COLD!!!!

The humidity here in spain is killing me.  It looks nice outside, but it´s super cold!  Today for preparation day we went up on a mountain and took a bunch of  pictures and afterwards my hands were so cold and stiff, plus yesterday I had to pull out my big, winter, thick, coat because I was so cold, and it still didn´t save me!!!!!!!!!!!

I can sumerup this week in one word, fired.  We had SO many people cancel on us and were not home and did not answer their phone.  AH it was so hard and so long.  We had very little luck in the mornings frpm 11-2 and after lunch and language study we would be in the streets from 5-10 trying to contact and pass by our investigators.  It´s so hard and LONG too.  There were some days that I thought would never end.  We have been doing a lot of knocking doors.  We would go find pisos to see if they were open, then climb to the top and hit every door on the way down.  There are like 4-5 floors in each piso. So many people slammed doors on us, or gave us what I call the "european finger" when they would shake their index finger at us.  Also what´s something else that makes me have a stupor of thought is when people say they are athiest or believe in nothing or say they are catholics, but don´t do anything.  There are a lot of Jehovah witnesses here and they are really hurting the work here because people think we are them all the time.  We still smile and wave at them, and they give us a pass-along pamphlet.

One thing that has helped me out this week a lot was having a positive attitude.  When things fell through and we thought things couldn´t get worse, I would think positively and count my blessings.  For example "at least it isn´t raining" or "maybe the next person will listen".  When things go wrong with me, mom would always say "you have one of two choices, you can get mad and be down, or you can think of the positives."  It´s so true.  God knows us and knows that we have challenges, but if we pray all we can, the Lord will be happy of our work and will always help us to do better.

Language is tough and people are mean, but I have a testimony of this gospel, even if it´s just a small testimony.  I´m still going to get up at 7:30 and work, work, work until bedtime at 11:30pm.  I know this church is true and I´m going to work till I drop dead.  "The Lord is on our side, so fear not what the wicked may say" but the Lord will help us.  I know that the book of mormon is true and I know that we must be Christ like to all and never belittle other people (even if other missionaries talk about Jehovah witnesses and catholics behind their backs).  We are the example to the believers.  This week, let us go about our lives as Christ-like servants and be a blessing to someone.

I hope you all have a great week and I will see you  next week.


Elder Gonzalez


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