Tuesday, November 10, 2015


From Jared's mom:  A new location and some researched info:

Terrassa is a city of 200,000+ located in the east central region of Catalonia, just north of Barcelona.  Stone tools have been found dating back 800,000 years, making this one of the oldest sites in Europe...Romans founded a town here in 69 AD, overtaken by Muslims in 718.  Below is a former monastery from the 1300s

Terrassa is a partner city of the Art Nouveau network, as seen in this building below.

Interesting fact:  Terrassa is referred to as the "most Olympic city in the world, " as 124 athletes of this city have participated in Olympic games since 1928, with field hockey leading the way.

From Jared:
 I will order your new dress pants tomorrow.  Do you need a larger waist size?  Nope
You said that you had gained some weight...just wondering?
Anything else you might want/need? Pens.

Well I forgot my planner because it is somewhere in my bags because I just got transferred to a new area called terrassa, Cataluña.  Anyway. I have a new companion named Élder Barton who is from Richfield, Utah, and he just finished training so I get to help him learn from walking to jogging.  He is about a 1/4 of an inch shorter than me, but still way tall, and a year younger than me.  I love him!

Sorry about not having my planner, but I'll try to put some random thoughts down from last week.

We ate a lot because I was passing by a lot of members yesterday and Sunday, but now I'm hungry.

We had a wonderful miracle when a less active that we have been working a lot with finally came back to church after falling away for some years, but has a member, less active friend, who we gave a blessing to on Saturday. He was an ex-missionary and was answering questions
like crazy on Sunday!

We taught a lady who had a big miracle with the priesthood and priesthood blessings.  They truly work by means of the faith of the recipient.

Wow my mind is blank, I can't remember anything from last week.  I know that I need to write in my journal more but oh well.

I spent 71/2 months in Pamplona and now it has come to a close. :( but all things must come to an end and now I am in a new area.

Well family I hope you all received the email from president Dayton, but if not he has made a new rule that we are not allowed to read family emails during the week, but only on preparation day, but we get 2 hours to write now if we need too.   I need to get off and go
buy food.

Family, I love and hope you have a great week.  P.s. Listen to "let us all press on" from the Mormon tabernacle choir from the church’s website, very inspiring!  Love you all and hope you have a great week
Con amor
Élder Gonzalez

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