Monday, June 1, 2015

Finally Sunny Skies and No More Rain, I think...???


Have you had any stake conferences during your time there in Spain?:Yes
how about ward conferences?:Yes
Which stake do you belong to?:  Victoria stake or estaca de victoria.
Are all the apartment ceilings that low? : well....yes but it depends if I say they are low, or if a short South American person says they´re short.

First I´ll start off with what I have been writing down in planner to write to you all.

The other day we were sitting at a bus stop and there was an ad for the new iphone 6 and on one of the apps was the built in maps app and the picture was a road with i280 on it.  I don´t think anyone here in spain gets it  because that’s an american road sign. 

Next at a different bus stop there was a big ad for a lady in a bikini!!!!These ads are all over the place.  Summer is here and girls are starting to strip the coats and jeans and go for the short shorts that are more like underwear because they block nothing.  lock your heart, ( talk given by President Kimball that the whole mission read when we got to Barcelona).

We were contacting one day and we met a lady who has a niece in Utah on a foreign exchange and we talked to her about it.  She says that her niece loves it in Utah!!!  However, the aunt is a super core catholic and has no desire to change to the mormon side, but would like us to pass by some time and talk about Utah with her niece when she comes back this summer.

I saw another man with a Salt Lake City shirt on, but could not contact him because we were in a car and on the road.  I love Utah!!!!

We had lunch on Saturday with these members from Bolivia in a small, really small town an hour away from town in these deep foresty mountains.  Don´t worry I took pictures.  It was really good.  We had a lot of chocolate and desserts.  With american treats too!  I have come to believe that my favorite south american people right now are Bolivians ( claudia from Castell√≥n who´s in Galicia right now), Ecuadorians, and Peruvians.  Really good visit, but mostly it was for them.  They are a strong family, but live in a quiet town with nothing much to do, but have the gospel in their lives.  They told us of a great miracle that happened to them when they were living in Bolivia.  They said that they were on a bus going to Chile to go to the temple for the first time and they had a day lunch, but when they came to the Chilian border the guards were taking all the food from the people on board.  But when they came to this family, they said they were on their way to the temple and they were able to keep their lunch.  What a miracle.

We had a deep clean at the church and me being so tall was called a lot to help the other member clean high places like the girl´s bathroom, the kitchen, and windows.  I didn´t even need a chair!

In the Barcelona Spain mission, right now we are doing a mission wide preach my gospel program for this entire transfer.  We are studying pmg together as a mission and this week we are studying chapter 2.

A return missionary came home last week and we got to listen to him in church.  He served in Malaga and is about 4 feet tall.  He was baptized a year and a half before he left on his mission.  He is such a good missionary.  I have a lot to learn from him.  He wants to have his family baptized, which helps when our baptismal goal for this week is 4.  We are going to baptize every week because that´s what we do here in Barcelona, Spain!

In the 5th Sunday class yesterday we learned about emergency preparedness and personal finance.  I don´t have to worry about that for another year, but it still worryies me sometimes.

Last week a member named Juan Carlos lost his son dew to a motorcycle accident and left during sacrament meeting because he was just in tears, crying like a baby.  I would if I received news like that.  Luckily a member drove him home, but yesterday he came back to church as if nothing happened.  He is a tough cookie.  The gospel is true and the plan that God made for us is perfect.  There are no loopholes or any errors.  When we die we will live with our family again IF we make sacred covenants here on earth and repent of our sins.  This is why were are here on a mission, to invite others to repent and have them be able to live with their families.

I love you all and hope you have an awesome week, even though a year ago I graduated from high school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That´s so crazy to think about!!!!!!!!!!

con amor,

√Člder Gonzalez


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